Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is amazing we align your body with crystals selected just for you and we also offer the 7 Beaming Lights of Crystal 
and the Bio-Mat which consist of a bed of Amathest ,Tourmaling and Jade with the 
The top ten popular benefits of a heated stone matt
1. Improves blood circulation and matabolism
2.Reduces pain and strengthens the immune system
3.helps relieve insomnia
4.Provides a sauna effect, burning up to 900 calories per hour
5.Eases inflammations and stiffness
6. Helps alleviate stress, improve mood and provides a sense of well being
7. Helps cell process waste and removes toxins faster
8. Helps rejuvenate and revitalize the body's cells, tissues and systems
9Conteracts the effects of static electricity and EMF fadiationProvides relief from systems of acute or cronic illness
The Top 20 Most Popular Benefits of Individual Matt Components

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