Reiki - 1&2

This will be a two day and 1 evening class  and you will be certified in Usui Reiki 1&2 with Certificates at the end of the classes.

You will have 2 work books that we will go through in class and hands on to practice a full Usui Reiki Session and get attuned to 3 symbols so you will be ready to start giving healing to friends, family and people in need, as the more you use your training in healing sessions the stronger your energy flow will become. 

$250.00 Lite Lunch included


November 11th. 7-9 PM

November 12th. 9am to end 

November 13th. 9AM to end

Bring a snack and drink we will be serving a lite lunch and have water bottles on hand.

The Number One item here is a big smile with a positive attitude. 

Free Books with your Payment in full 

Need to make payments? Please call me to discuss a payment set up schedule.


Message me at 603-313-1464

Pay For Classes

Usui Reiki  Masters /Teacher Certification Course

Great time to start your own business or just enhance your healing ability.

Complete your Masters/Teacher Class and enhance your healing ability.

You will receive your Certificate at the end of the class

as long as you have completed all the work and studies.

Book included in the cost.


Light Lunch included


Pay For Classes

Working with Crystals and Sound

Crystal Singing Bowls

We accept Cash or Check 
PayPal for Long Distance