Faith's Wisdom Reiki Studio offer's

  Full Crystal Healing's with crystals and stones,  Angelic Essence Healing (calling in your Angels to assist with your healing),

Many forms of Meditation, from quiet time to drummings, you will get in contact with your inner self. 

Sound Healings  Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls,Drums and Rattles and more.

Sound Healing, Angelic Healing, Usui Reiki sessions is a hands  just above the fully clothed body accept for your shoes,

The Amethyst Bio-Mat has many healing abilities including: improves blood circulation and cell metabolism, Reduces Pain, Strengthens the immune system, helps relieve insomnia, eases inflammation and stiffness, helps alleviate stress, improves your mood and much more. 

  • Also receive a message from your loved one or some one special you would like to Channel in for answers to help you move on or just to know they are ok. 
  • Rev. Nancey L. Lively RMT  with an Angel or Taro Card Readings or a Medium Reading (Channeling Spirit) All by Appoint only.

Faith's Wisdom Reiki Studio in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire,

Rev. Nancey L. Lively RMT, 

Nancey  is a natural born healer and Medium offering accurate insights into situations, people, and paths that are involved in your life. She provides a flexible schedule for sessions and gives special attention to your every need. After working with Nancey, she believes a family member, friend, or even a pet will see a difference in you. Why not give her a try today!

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Uplifted Hands

Reiki Sessions $60.00 per session

Nancy offers hands-on classes for Usui Reiki, as well as long-distance healing for a friend, family member, pet or situation. Usui Reiki directs Universal Life Force Energy to the original cause of an issue and can be used on yourself or others. All sessions are personalized and given special attention. With long distance sessions Nancey needs to know who, when, and where you would like the Reiki sent , if you have a pic you could send it would be very helpful but  the energy will  still know where and who it needs to go. Please make sure to tell the other person that Reiki is going to be sent to them if possible.


Medium Readings

Medium readings provide you with clarity and closure, allowing you to choose the right direction for your life. Medium readings allow you to connect with loved ones and friends that have passed on, so you can have closure. Personal and general readings and sessions are available. if you or are looking for closure with a loved one, working with Nancey is a great way to find the answers. Small group settings are welcome, or in person for a private conversation with Spirit or your loved ones. Many Questions can be answered and guidance given during these sessions. Why settle for less when you can have it all in a very private and spiritual safe setting.

 $100.00 per Hour

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Crystal Healing Light $60.00 per session

Crystal healing provides color, light, and crystal therapy for chakra balancing and energetic healing. Each healing bed is programmed by a master energy healer and consists of seven clear quartz crystals housed in individual movable units used with light to focus energy on the seven major chakras. As colored light is shined through the crystals, your body's chakra is balanced, cleansed, and aligned, recharging your energy systems. You'll feel deeply relaxed with an increased feeling of peace and well-being. Cost is $30 per 30 minutes. Nancey has had a client tell her they could channel and meditate more easily after clearing chakras.

Healing With the Angels

Angel Essence Healing, Healing with the Angels, balances your energy levels so you can achieve a better emotional and physical state.

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Room with Pink Lights

Angel Statue

Other Services

In addition to the many healing sessions and insightful readings, Nancey also provides a variety of other services. Combination sessions are available and prices will be discussed prior to the start of the service. Her other services include the following:

• Angel Card Reading $40.00
• House Clearing and Blessings By the hour
• Tarot Card Reading $40.00
• Sound Healing by it self $60.00 per hour or $35.00 in a group session
• Meditation, Drumming, and Prayer Session $10.00 per session

Now offering healings with the amethyst, Jade and tourmaline Bio-Mat.

Alone $60.00 Per Hour

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